Dog abused by the Previous Owner, Obsessed Psychology and Bits His Own Leg till BIҽҽds When Someone Comes Near

 Many individuals were moved to tears by the dog's peculiar conduct.

According to Ms. Truong, the owner of this particular dog, after only a short time with the dog, she realized that the dog frequently acted exceedingly terrifying.

Specifically, there are instances when he is generally joyful and then gets highly violent, biting his thigh or rear leg so badly that it bleeds forever. ready to let go At such moments, the dog appears to have lost sight of its owner and is ready to attack anyone who approaches him.

According to the dog's owner, in normal circumstances, he is an exceedingly kind, loving, and clever dog. That violent face doesn't constantly emerge, which makes her question why the dog behaves in such a way.

As a result, even though she was afraid by the dog's peculiar behavior, Ms. Truong developed a unique affinity for the dog. Rather than dreading returning him to the animal shelter, she opted to take him to a veterinarian to examine whether his rear legs were hurt or had any problems.

After a comprehensive inspection at the veterinary facility, the physicians determined that the dog's hind legs and complete body were not injured. However, the doctor noticed a specific point in the film recording the dog's prior behavior: anybody who stood in front of him and held an additional object caused him to panic and bite his rear leg; otherwise, if he didn't bring anything closer, he remained normal.

The doctor diagnosed him with a psychiatric illness as a result of this action; possibly he had been terribly mistreated to lead to such a condition.

The dog's owner recalled that the rescue station had previously informed him that the dog had been viciously beaten by the former owner for a long period before being rescued. This rationale also corresponds with the doctor's prior conclusion, after determining the cause of the dog's owner's intense sadness for her dog. Nobody knows how badly he was abused in the end for him to panic and act like that.

The travel to see the sick dog

After determining the reason, the dog's owner, in collaboration with the doctor and animal specialists, researched ways to "relieve" the unfortunate dog's psychological agony. The veterinarian decided to employ tranquil fragrances for cats and dogs.

The dog seemed to enjoy this aroma and gets more calmer. The doctor then applied a little amount of the sedative smell to the bandage and wrapped it around the dog's rear leg to decrease self-biting. Fortunately, good results were reached after much work. The dog is in excellent shape; it is calmer and less out of control than previously. This brought the dog's owner to tears.

Experts even documented this small dog's journey to relieve psychological suffering, which was then extensively shared on social media to transmit a message to warn people to cease mistreating animals in general, and dogs in particular.

After witnessing, many people who love cats and dogs feel very terrible for the unfortunate dog, and some even cry.