Dog Starved And Thrown Out Of Car Finally Gets A Second Chance At Life

 Violet's only desire was to be a nice dog so that her family would adore her.

Violet's family, despite her lovely heart and beautiful disposition, treated her ruthlessly and with little concern for her safety, welfare, or feelings.

Violet suffered nothing but mistreatment, and her family finally chose to reject her totally.

They shoved the scared mastiff out the car window as they drove down a road near Clinton, Maryland.

A stranger driving along Clinton Road was surprised to see a huge dog hurled out the window of a car like an empty soda cup.

They instantly came to a halt and hurried to assist Violet, who was subsequently taken to Prince George's County Animal Control.

Violet was brought up by animal control and sent to Mutts Matter Rescue, who wanted to rescue the sad, traumatized pup in any way they could.

Violet had not only been tossed from a car, but she was also quite underweight and had definitely been malnourished for a long period.

Violet was given to Mutts Matter Rescue volunteer Debbie Gretz, who had previously worked with neglected and severely underweight canines.

Gretz's heart fell for Violet, and she couldn't help but cry when she first saw the unfortunate pup and saw the dreadful state she was in.

Gretz felt she had to help this dog recover her life and provide her with the love and attention she had been missing for so long.

So much of the poor pup's life and dignity had been taken from her, but Gretz was determined to give her a great and happy future.

Violet was terribly malnourished, weighing only approximately 60 pounds, and covered in horrible pressure sores that needed to be cleansed and dressed.

Gretz could feel every bone in the miserable mastiff's body when she held her, and her bloodwork revealed the usual difficulties that follow hunger.

Violet's pressure sores were considered to be the result of her spending a substantial period of time chained up, and her rescuers speculated that she was kept tied up and exploited for breeding.

Violet, despite her ordeals, had maintained her trust in mankind.

She came to appreciate Gretz and would frequently come and put her head in his lap to express her love and thanks.

Gretz gave Violet five tiny meals every day, and she gradually became healthier and stronger.

She learnt to go up the stairs by herself and gained enough stamina to go for walks and play with her buddies.

Her pressure sores healed beautifully, and she gained weight.

Violet became entirely altered after a few months. She'd gone from a terrible 60 pounds to a lovely 138 pounds, and she was beaming with joy.

Violet thrived owing to Gretz's devotion and hard effort on the path to recovery, which was long and difficult.

Gretz didn't simply assist her physically heal. Violet received all the attention and security she had never had but had always sought and deserved.

Violet has transformed from a fearful and heartbroken skeleton shell of a dog to a vibrant, loving, and happy pooch who loves her life and her family and has all she needs to be secure and healthy thanks to Gretz.

The lovely, friendly dog has been given a second chance at life, and she is relishing every bit of it.