Dog with ‘saddest’ face looks for new home after being surrendered to shelter

 That forlorn expression will crush your heart, and you will want to adopt him as well.

Animals make us happy practically every time we see them.

Their adorable antics make us smile. Yes, even though kids occasionally break a few items at home, we can always laugh about it, especially when we see how regretful they are.

In exchange, we aim to provide them joy as well. We may only have them for a brief period of time, but we are their hooman for the rest of their life. We can tell we've made them happy by their smile and wagging tail.

However, seeing unhappy pets is completely upsetting.

It feels out of character for them since we know how much delight they would like to show. Unfortunately, some dogs, particularly those that have been abandoned, abused, or surrendered, are sad on the inside.

Wouldn't we give anything to see them happy again? And that's what folks in Orlando did for a sad puppy who won many hearts.

Meet Guapo, Orange County Animal Services' sorrowful dog.

He was the first person to appear in a video posted on the organization's Facebook page. It was also the face that prompted a thousand people to visit their refuge.

They shared a video of abandoned animals - dogs and cats - along with a devastating, soul-crushing message about a reality they confront every day.

"Every sad face reflects the effects of all those surrenders." We can see the anguish. These creatures have no idea what they done wrong. They have no idea why they are here. All they know is that one minute they were happy and safe, and the next they find themselves in a strange and terrible environment. They are missing their owners. They are homesick."

They received several requests regarding Guapo after posting the video.

The shelter informed FOX 35 Orlando that after they released the video, "dozens" of people came in, and they also received a lot of emails.For a 2-second exposure, the response was astounding.

They say his visage captivated most hearts because his eyes expressed his soul - heartbroken and perplexed as to why he was surrendered. It said a lot to individuals who wanted to help this poor creature.

He was soon adopted and given the name Rosco.

Orange County Animal Services provided an update on his circumstances, and his temperament transformed when he encountered his new family. Even in the video, you can see how joyful he was.

Rosco gently smiled and wagged his tail, all indicators of optimism, happiness, and better days ahead.

Through Rosco's narrative, the shelter conveyed two powerful themes.

For one thing, they asked people to understand that adopting or purchasing an animal is a commitment and that they plan to keep them.

The other was to keep aiding other animals by adopting others from their shelter. They stated they weren't as sad as Rosco, but they were just as depressed.

Below is the video that made Guapo/Rosco famous!

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