Frightened Puppy Mill Dog Hides Her Puppies In The Wall To Keep Them Safe

 Her puppies were wedged in the wall of the dirty barn, the only place a female Beagle could find that would be safe for them inside an illegal puppy mill.

When Debra Tranter of the animal rights organisation Oscar's Law and a colleague broke into an illegal puppy mill in northern North South Wales, Australia, to investigate the living circumstances, they came upon a female beagle.

Despite receiving fines, they had visited the farm months previously and found that circumstances had not changed. She stated she discovered the dogs living in filth and misery, with an unbelievable odor of excrement and urine, slimy water containers, and rat-infested kennels.

Tranter had heard a puppy scream and proceeded to investigate more, but the puppies were nowhere to be seen. She was crawling around the filthy ground of the bare wooden kennel looking for the puppies when she saw a loose piece of plaster on the wall.

Peering inside, she noticed four pups squished together. To keep them secure from the other canines roaming the dirty space, their mother had concealed them in the wall.

The picture is a far cry from the puppy mill breeders' internet listings, which advertise "raised in our house, greatly loved kids."Because of legal loopholes, the state has become a refuge for puppy farm breeders, allowing them to circumvent the law and keep hundreds of dogs in deplorable circumstances while churning out pups for profit.Unlike Victoria, where the RSPCA may take dogs from unregistered breeders, NSW does not have such legislation.

For the time being, moms and pups like the ones Tranter observed are powerless. Tranter, on the other hand, is optimistic about the future. Tranter's other footage led to a raid on the farm by NSW Police and the RSPCA last year. At the time, about a dozen canines were saved, and notifications were issued. However, the conditions at the puppy mill have not changed, despite the puppy farmer's assertion that they are closing down in January 2016.

Oscar's Law is now concerned for the safety of the property's 100 pets. "There's a strong risk they may sell them to other c.r.u.e.l puppy factories, relocate to continue the operation in an unknown area, or take a pistol and shoot every dog," they said on their web petition.

These long-suffering creatures are now at the mercy of owners who have earned a living by not being merciful. It's a crippling legal flaw that has to be addressed."

Tranter believes they may still be able to save the canines if authorities can lawfully rescue them. Oscar's Law, she claims, has promised to cover all veterinary costs and assist in finding temporary homes for the animals.

You may sign their petition to have puppy mills shut down in New South Wales by clicking here. Please help put a stop to puppy mills by sharing .

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  • Anonymous June 21, 2022 at 3:29 AM

    Horrible people should be made to live like the dogs. To see how they like it.

    • Anonymous June 21, 2022 at 6:03 PM

      I agree that these cruel people should be locked up and treated in the same way that they treated these poor animals and see how they like it..

      • Anonymous June 21, 2022 at 9:11 PM

        These people should be locked in a cramped cages and left to suffer


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