He Laid Under A Chair In A Deserted Place In Frozen And Cold, Hopeless Waiting For His Owner Come Back

According to Paws Show, they received a report of a poor dog abandoned alongside the road. Someone noticed him lying there for a few days in loneliness and sadness, trying to warm up under snow.

He was extremely hungry, dehydrated, and had several wounds on his body. Heartbreaking!

He's still resting there, waiting for his master to return.

Vidergar, Tanja And other volunteers went in the middle of the night to help the unfortunate puppy, who was still laying there in the cold with sorrowful eyes. It was also raining.

Tanja brought him home with her; he was friendly and seemed to be waiting to be rescued. As if he was bored of waiting for his master and decided he wouldn't return.

He was incredibly hungry, but he was also quite bashful and afraid of humans. The generous woman bought him food and a worm bed.

Muffin wishes you a happy new year and a brighter future! (as he was dubbed)

She took him to the veterinarian the next morning. The fact that he is negative for vector illnesses is a plus, but the treatment will be long-term and daily therapy, since his entire body is covered with sores, scars, and severe mange.

After 18 days, a gorgeous youngster has made a full recovery.

He like people and children, is used to collars and leashes, enjoys walks, the garden, and has a lot of energy.

Muffin is now fully recovered after 60 days. He's been adopted by a wonderful family!

He is a very helpful and grateful dog that craves attention.

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