Leaving His Best Cat Friend Alone, The Dog With Alzheimer Went To Heaven…

According to his owner, Japanese Shiba Inu Shino, who was 18 years old and had Alzheimer's disease, died.

"On March 7, at 14:45, Shino died quietly and unexpectedly." "I hope he has a happy life in paradise, my beautiful cat," his owner posted on Instagram.

To remember Shino, his owner maintained posting his images online in the days that followed, particularly regarding the interactions between Shino and his kitty pal Kuu. Shino struggled to walk, let alone care for himself, due to his health issues.

Shino, on the other hand, lived a happy life under the watchful eye of his owner and in the company of Kuu.

According to the owner, the 7-year-old Kuu became a protector for his canine companion, refusing to let other cats near him.

Shino couldn't control his body when walking due to his sickness, therefore Kuu became his crutch. His kitty pal was constantly at his side whenever he tried to rise up or move.

"He woke up, had breakfast, and walked out as usual the day before Shino died, but in the evening, he suddenly dropped down with loud wails," the owner said. "I held him in my arms the entire night." He appeared to be feverish, having trouble breathing..."

"At the moment, Kuu crept into my comforter and slept with me." It had never occurred before. However, around 2:30 p.m., the doctor called to inform me that Shino had ceased breathing.

"When Kuu found out Shino had died, he was startled, and he even slumped in the hospital." Shino was in fantastic shape the day before, and everything happened so unexpectedly!" After Shino died, their internet supporters were concerned about Kuu's plight. The owner claimed Kuu frequently laid alone in Shino's kennel. He occasionally laid on the cupboard behind his kennel, staring at the spot where they frequently slept together...

The owner was aware that Kuu was missing his dear companion...

It takes some time for him to get through, thus the owner rarely bothered him. However, the owner stated that Kuu was improving and could now eat more, so he reassured the followers.