Pitbull fighting dogs are abandoned, one of them was taking care of her badly injured friend

 Fighting dogs' lives are tragic; they are not cared for or loved, they are forced to fight in deplorable conditions, and if they do not, they end up like Layla and Gracie. Two Pitbull mix dogs were found on the approach of death in a park, but what struck the hearts of those who saved them was the fact that while one could not even stand up from the agony, her loving canine companion, who had also been abandoned in a serious position, was taking care of her. These two dogs were rescued thanks to a phone call to the correct individuals, and authorities were also involved in the search for those guilty for animal cruelty.

Dogs are loyal not only to their owners, but also to their packmates. Layla and Gracie were abandoned in a park outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They both appeared to be in terrible condition, especially Gracie, who didn't have the stamina to get out of bed, so her companion laid down on her to keep her warm.

People passing through the area believed they were dead, so they contacted the authorities, which is where Officer Harper was stationed. He couldn't believe they had traces of blows, but they weren't from a person, but rather from warring dogs.

When the officer, who also works for an animal rescue group called Justice Rescue, approached them, the Pitbull dog in better health approached her, but she closed her eyes and put her head down because she was afraid he would attack her.

Officer Harper claimed, "Layla walked up to me wagging her tail but with her eyes closed, as if she feared she was going to get smacked."

With caresses and praise, he was able to approach them more cautiously to put a vest on them so they wouldn't get colder and take them to the vet to be assessed.

The dogs had just sustained injuries, and when they were assessed, it was discovered that they were only two years old and had been mercilessly mistreated. Gracie, on the other hand, was in critical condition.

Love is the most effective treatment.

Officer Harper had received a complaint like this before, but he couldn't ignore the canines; he knew they needed him. As a result, when he became a government official and grew interested in animal rescue, he began to relate the narrative of both of them in order to acquire finances and a second opportunity.

"Gracie and Layla were two dogs that spent their whole lives being fought and tormented, then starved to death and abandoned like rubbish.He simply examines Layla's scars. "It's quite sad." He shared the news on his Justice Rescue Facebook page.

Treatments began for both of them, and despite the fact that Gracie was in a terrible position, she smiled and even wanted to play with her savior once she saw him. She wasn't combative; she was friendly, and she had more energy a few days later, despite the fact that she still had a long way to go.

Harper told The Dodo, "They adore affection, but they don't know what to do with it."

They were able to go ahead thanks to the medical treatment they provided to both of them. Although the information was discovered in 2017, it is nonetheless alarming to learn about it because it is the circumstance in which many dogs of robust breeds find themselves. Surely, both were gradually recuperating, as evidenced by the fact that in the last visual posts on Facebook it was seen that both had a satisfactory recovery.