Sick Dog At A Shelter Is Completely Transformed With A Little Love

 A sick and terrified dog that came to a Texas animal shelter with his sister had no hope of survival, but with their love, he was able to transform into a beautiful dog.

When the four-month-old German shepherd mix came at the shelter, he was underweight and had patches of fur missing, and he didn't want anybody near him.

Despite this, Blue and his sister Roxanne were viewed as having a lot of potential by the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue team. As a result, they made the decision to preserve both of them, provide them with the necessary medical attention, and finally find them a new home in Virginia.

The two proceeded to a nearby veterinarian hospital for a standard check-up before taking the puppies to their new home. Blue had been sick with parvovirus, a fatal infection that damages dogs' intestines, according to the veterinarian.If the illness is not treated immediately with the necessary therapies, the animals affected are almost always fatal.

Kaitlin Vázquez, a co-founder of the rescue facility, told The Dodo:

"There was a period when he was obviously very ill, and we didn't know if he'd make it."

Despite sharing a kennel with her brother, Roxanne managed to avoid illness and was moved to Virginia.

When she arrived at her new location, she was placed with a foster family for extra attention and care. Blue, on the other hand, had to stay in the hospital for over a month before being released, but he ultimately recovered and was relocated.

When Julia Downer, an animal lover and foster volunteer, found out about the puppy, she immediately offered to foster him.

Julia expressed herself in the following manner:

"Her adorable little face drew me in." Because Roxanne already had a home, I requested them to allow me raise Blue."

The shelter granted the woman's request, but Blue knew she'd have a tough time adjusting to her new surroundings. According to the volunteer, Blue's eyes were completely closed, as if he didn't know how to be a dog, and he kept his distance from everyone. The little puppy refused to be touched by anybody, including Julia, and spent the day curled up in a corner of the house.

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