Teenager Opens A Unique Animal Shelter And Has Already Rescued 26 Animals

Eduardo Caioado, a 17-year-old Brazilian from Anápolis, has always had a fascination with animals. Since he was nine years old, he has been devoted with rescuing abandoned animals in his neighbourhood.

A month ago, with the aid of his family, this young animal activist accomplished his dream of founding his own animal shelter, the EduPaçoca Institute.

Eduardo informed Boredpanda:

"I want to make the world a better place." And I believe that the miracle that people seek from God is found in the daily deeds that people perform, whether it's feeding a stray puppy or writing letters to the elderly."

Edward went on to say:

"This year, I accomplished a long-held dream of mine: I founded my institute." I rented a house and had sponsors who helped me with my expenses. I go there every day. I occasionally hitchhike or ride my bike for 30 kilometers, but it is always precisely what I had hoped for.

He continued:

"I'm not asking for a deposit for a puppy; I'm searching for a home." I want them to know that even if they are not adopted, they will be with me until the day they die."

The young man went on to add that the idea for the sanctuary struck him in March, when he felt obligated to save other abandoned dogs.When Eduardo noticed that more homeless dogs were appearing every day while feeding them, he gathered 10 dogs that decided to join him.He lives in a very cold climate, and most pets abandoned on the streets die of hypothermia or another illness.Because there are no local regulations that support animals in need, the young guy chose to assist.

The animal shelter is well-known for its recreational nursery, where rescued dogs engage in a variety of activities in preparation for adoption.

"According to Edward,"

«I want the Institute to become far more than just a safe haven. "I want them to be happy and healthy in the recreational childcare setting so that they can be adopted."

Eduardo also promises to conduct special treatment with their damaged hearts, noting that the majority of them arrive terrified, frightened, hurt, and insecure. Eduardo teaches the shelter canines that they can rely on him and that he would always be there for them.

"According to Edward,"

"I realized they had similar feelings to us over those years of feeding animals on the streets." Baiano, my dog, is always giving me presents: a bottle, a bowl, or a leaf. I had the idea to create a new atmosphere. This nursery is filled with colors, toys, entertainment, activities, music, dancing, theme parties, and birthdays.

Eduardo rescued 22 dogs and four cats, who are now kept in the animal shelter. Despite his desire to help more canines, the charity is currently small and can only help the most vulnerable.

"In Edward's opinion,"

"The most difficult component is deciding who to take and who to leave on the street." I am unable to accommodate everyone because space is still restricted."

For the time being, he is content to see the joy, trust, and appreciation in the eyes of the creatures he can assist.

The institute is a dream come true, but it is a massive endeavor, and Eduardo feels confident in his skills to carry on with his job.