The dog sacrificed his life to save his 8-month-old owner from the fire

The dog Nero died like a hero, saving the owners’ 8-month-old daughter from the fire. When the rescuers were in the nursery, they realized that the baby was alive. The dog covered the baby and stayed with her until his last breath. The dog could have run away from the burning house, but he chose to stay with the child.

 Nero, the dog, died heroically after protecting the parents' 8-month-old kid from the fire. Jen, a newborn girl, and her family live in Cleveland. That evening, the woman left the house for a few second to bring her belongings to the automobile. As she walked back, she noticed her house was on fire.

«I heard my kid wailing, but I couldn't go to her,» explains the lady.

«I was unable to save my child. Neighbors smashed windows and doors, but Jen was unable to be reached.»

The mother cut her hands badly while trying to enter the residence to get to the child. They had severe burns. Neither mum nor the neighbors were able to get into the house. Only after firemen got on the site were they able to overcome the flames and gain access to the structure.

When the rescuers entered the nursery, they discovered that the infant was still alive. If it hadn't been for a dog named Nero, the scenario might have been quite different. The animal wrapped itself around the infant and stayed with her till he died. The dog had the option of fleeing the burning house, but he decided to stay with the youngster.

Jen escaped a big fire. However, only 10% of burns on the body were detected by physicians. After all, Nero had protected the remainder of her body from the flames. The commitment of the animal, according to rescuers, rescued the infant.

Jen was rushed to the hospital, but she is not in danger of dying.

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