The loader fed the stray dog with his lunch, and the same evening the dog saved him

 There was a building store in a major city where a guy named Gosha worked as a loader. The young man was industrious and considerate. He was often feeding stray dogs and kittens. Denis, his colleague and coworker, was the polar opposite. He disliked working and was cruel to stray animals.

They dispatched a substantial order to a wholesale firm on one of their working days. During the loading of items, a filthy and fatigued dog approached them and began to observe the men. Denis noticed the dog and irritably chased it away. She was terrified by the cry and fled elsewhere.

Denis headed to the supermarket for lunch, while Gosha chose to have a snack. He took his food container and started eating. At that time, a stray dog approached him and began to stare at him with a ravenous expression. Gosha paid attention to the puppy and shared some of his food with her. The dog ate everything with gusto and then raced away content.

Gosha walked home after work. It rained during the day, and the temperature fell dramatically in the evening. The walkways and paths were iced over. To avoid falling, the man took modest steps. Nonetheless, he stumbled and struck himself, losing consciousness.

Meanwhile, the dog he had just fed was chasing him. When the animal noticed that his new friend had fallen, he ran to his aid and began licking his face. When the man did not get up, the dog began to bark. As a result, he began to draw passers-attention by's to the sufferer.

Caring individuals sent an ambulance. When the doctor related how the man arrived at the hospital, he mentioned the dog. Gosha was taken aback, but recognized that the dog was thanking him in this way.

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