UPDATE: Hero Dog Who Saved Owner From Mountain Lion Unexpectedly Passes Away

 Update :

Eva, the courageous and faithful Belgian Malinois who fought a mountain lion to save her owner, died unexpectedly last week. Eva suffered a major skull fracture as a result of the incident on May 16.

According to her mother, Erin Wilson, the 2-year-old puppy began having seizures over the weekend. Eva's health worsened after being rushed to the veterinary facility at UC Davis.

"She simply never woke up," Wilson sobbed to The Sacramento Bee. "She didn't wake up."

Erin and the hero dog's international fan base and supporters are devastated by Eva's death. She looked to have miraculously recovered after spending days in serious condition following the original attack.

Unfortunately, brain injuries are unpredictable, and hers was more serious than it seemed.

In an Instagram tribute, Wilson said, "Goodbye my darling sweet child." "You are my closest companion. The world has become a much darker place."

Watch the heartbreaking footage of Eva's return from the hospital last month and discover more about her brave acts during the attack below.

Original publication date: May 18, 2022

There are several methods to be cautious while dealing with animals, but sometimes you don't have time to ponder or prepare. A woman and her dog enjoy trekking together, but when a mountain lion attacks, they must move quickly. The enormous feline initially attacked the woman, but her dog refused to let her loved one die.

The woman survived the horrible situation thanks to the bravery of the dog. However, the brave canine was left in serious condition as a result of a skull fracture and several other injuries. The dog is now being hailed as a hero, and people all across the world are fundraising to help her recover.

The Belgian Malinois Comes to the Rescue

Erin Wilson and Eva, her Belgian Malinois, were strolling along the Trinity River in northern California when their lives were threatened. When a mountain lion leapt at Wilson, Eva was only a few yards ahead off-lease. Wilson summoned Eva when the wild cat scratched her shoulder through her jacket. Wilson's truck was still nearby, but the mountain lion refused to go.

The 55-pound dog dashed at the mountain lion and smashed into it. The mountain lion focused its attention on Eva, but the dog was no match. The mountain lion eventually sunk its fangs into Eva's skull and refused to let go.

"They struggled for a few seconds, and then I heard her cry," Wilson explained. "That's when the cat grabbed her cranium."

A Mountain Lion Was About To Attack Her Dog Until Her Mother Figured Out How To Scare It Away

Wilson did everything she could to get the mountain lion to let go. She struck the cat with rocks, stones, and even her fists, but it was able to defend itself with its rear paws. Wilson dashed back to her pickup to get a tire iron to use against the mountain lion. She also summoned a driver called Sharon Houston to assist her.

Wilson eventually got the mountain lion to let go of Eva after another beating. Houston then blasted the cat with pepper spray, causing it to flee.

Heroes, too, require saving.

Eva appeared to be alright at first, but as Wilson examined her closely, she found puncture wounds on her face and blood pouring from her lips. As a result, she hurried her to the emergency veterinarian, which was an hour and a half away. Wilson's drive was the most stressful of his life. Eva began convulsing midway through the journey, making Wilson concerned that the dog might not survive.

Fortunately, the duo made it to the vet, where officials discovered multiple injuries. Eva suffered two skull fractures, a perforated skull cavity, significant edema near her eye, and several scrapes. She has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her, but experts are confident that she will live.

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