Vet Risks His Life To Rescue A Frightened Dog On The Highway

 Sometimes all it takes is a little guts to do the right thing; however, Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian, need considerably more than bravery. 

The veterinarian was driving along a busy highway in Bucharest, Romania, when he noticed something strange in the middle of the road: a terrified small dog hiding under the barrier to avoid being hit.

In the video below, Ovidiu can be seen wandering along the center of the road, holding on to the railing as he approaches the endangered animal. A scared dog can be spotted a few meters away.

Ovidiu recognizes he needs to approach closer, so he lowers his left leg over the railing and advances slowly to collect the scared tiny dog from beneath the railing after winning her confidence.

Ovidiu Rosu claims that

"She had to be abandoned right next to the highway, and she had to be too scared to cross it to get to the other side."

Ovidiu ultimately approaches the dog, kneeling down to grab her before she flees, as depicted in the dramatic photos obtained by Caters News.

Ovid went on:

"Winning her trust was the most challenging component of approaching her; the last thing I wanted was for her to freak out and dash into traffic." Fortunately, I was able to get rather close. She's a lovely little dog."

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