With A Red Rope Around His Neck And Broken Hopes, Little Dog Awaited His Cruel Fate

 A Pitbull dog in awful health was discovered on the streets of CDMX, with a huge tumor and infection in his neck.

It's distressing to think that dogs roam the streets and that when they're "rescued," they're either sent to a kennel or killed. Zeta is a Pitbull canine who was discovered wandering the streets of Mexico City with an infected ingrown rope around his neck and a large tumor on his belly; the poor dog had suffered a lot, and the Animal Surveillance Brigade took him out of that place and took him to a rabies clinic, where he was saved by a foundation called Mundo Patitas, who gave him a nice family.

This puppy was discovered on the streets of Garibaldi eight years ago by the Animal Surveillance Brigade of the DF's then Secretary of Public Security, according to the non-profit rescue group Mundo Patitas.

Zeta, who had a mournful expression on his face, a big red ribbon on his neck, and a massive tumor on his abdomen, was difficult to ignore. This foundation was outraged because, instead of bringing him to a veterinary medical institution for a check-up, they turned him over to an anti-rabies agent, who took him out to offer him a second chance.

"They decided to take him to the kennel rather than to their facilities for medical care... Since then, we have had severe questions about the institution's ability to fulfill its mandate of protecting the health, integrity, and welfare of nonhuman animals." Patitas World said.

The rescue group rehabilitated him and removed the tumor. His recuperation needed a great deal of love and attention. They handled him for adoption after mending his body and heart, and the organization reported that they were able to offer him with a permanent home and that they now tell his tale to provide hope to other dogs.

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