Woman wakes up to 90-pound dog snuggling with her in bed, only it’s not her pup

 To wake up with a stranger dog in your bed will be a real morning surprise.

One Tennessee woman recently awoke to a pleasant surprise. She awoke to see a 90-pound dog resting next to her in her bed. Julie Thornton Johnson posted this wonderful tale and images to Facebook.

When Julie and her husband Jimmy awoke on May 1, there was a 90-pound pitbull Labrador mix laying in between them. They were first alarmed since the dog had not only come in their home, but was also resting in their bed. When the spouse shifted the blankets, the dog cuddled up to them as if they were her own.

Julie's friend Felecia Johnson was hunting for her and her girlfriend's dog Nala, who had gone missing the night before. And the Facebook post revealed everything.

Felecia went to Julie's place to pick up Nala. But there was one significant "but." Nala would not get out of bed. They eventually convinced her, and Felecia brought her puppy home. She was overjoyed that the dog had come, particularly at her friend's house.

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