15-Year-Old Dog With Hip Dysplasia Has His Own Elevator

 Senior dogs that suffer from joint discomfort or muscular difficulties, like elderly people, may find it challenging to live in a home with stairs. Many dogs prefer to stay on the first floor since walking upstairs is too much for them.

One South Carolina family couldn't face leaving their 15-year-old dog Jackson downstairs all the time due to hip dysplasia. As a result, they made a substantial investment: an elevator.

The Things We Do For Our Dogs

So, technically, it's a standard operating elevator that can only be used by one person at a time. The elevator was added during house renovations to help the homeowners access the top levels as they age. But for now, let's just say it's a dog elevator, and it's cute.

Jackson, the 15-year-old Yellow Lab, is shown on a transparent, tube-shaped elevator in a TikTok video tweeted by @loganmend624 (a.k.a. Logan).

The caption says, "When you're 15 and the best boy ever, your parents get you an elevator."

Jackson is unable to utilize the elevator by himself since someone must open the door for him. However, it allows him to travel wherever his family members are without having to climb steps.

Some commenters said Jackson is "terrified" inside the tubevator (a contraction I made up), but Logan clarified in a follow-up Q&A video:

"He enjoys it, and it's a lot easier than lugging him up the steps." And for those of you who say he's scared, he's not; he loves it and dives right in."

@loganmend624 Jackson living his #best life by the pool 🌴 #fyp #dog #firstclass ♬ First Class - Jack Harlow

Less gloomy observers pointed out that the elevator is clearly making Jackson's life simpler.

"A lot of people are making fun of this, but as a Veterinary Nurse with a special interest in OA management, this makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!" - through TikTok, @scottishwolflass

Giving Back to Our Canines (Within Our Own Budgets)

Of course, many people pointed out that the expenses of putting an elevator in your home would be too expensive for most dog owners. No, we can't all do this for our senior dogs, but isn't it great to know that some people would choose to spend their money to improve the life of a cherished dog?

@loganmend624 Best boy🐶. #labrador #doggo #PlutoTVIsFree #elevator ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

"My life aim is to be wealthy enough to provide my dog with the life she deserves, just like your wonderful boi." - TikTok - @kim.rose.art

Oh, the things I'd acquire for my dog if I had more money. If you can't afford an elevator (which most of us can't), you can always attempt DIY techniques to make your elderly dog's life easier, such as this improvised lift created by one Bulldog parent.