3 Dogs Have Nowhere To Go After Owner Dies, Cry Outside His House For 18 Months

 The dogs lost their home when their devoted owner, Fred, Ricky, and Ethel, unexpectedly passed away. The three was dumped on the street like trash rather than being housed in a shelter.

The dogs waited outside the house for their owner to return for 18 months since they were unable to care for themselves.

When the rescue organization "Hope For Paws" learned about the situation of these pets, they decided right away to assist. When they got there, they were heartbroken to discover the once-pampered canines living on the streets like scavengers.

In a desperate state, Fred was prowling about his former house. He fought the rescuers because he didn't want to leave the area. The poor animal ultimately caved when he realized that help was on the way.


Later, Ricky and Ethel were also discovered nearby, food foraging dejectedly. They were also saved after a protracted effort! The group was brought to the shelter, where they experienced sofa comfort for the first time in more than a year.

All of them are currently in foster care. With tears in their eyes, they cling to each other closely and begin to hope once more for a brighter life. They are now searching for their forever homes.