A Dog Circumvents Security And Climbs To The Top Of The Chichen Itza Pyramid In Mexico

 A dog has become a TikTok sensation after someone captured him evading security and climbing to the top of a renowned pyramid.

The canine climbed the landmark structure like a genuine conqueror, without caring that it was regarded one of the world's seven wonders.

Tourists were startled to observe a stray dog climbing in a prohibited area for everybody.

And it is that, for an adventurous dog, no location is beyond limits, no matter how banned it may be for people.

They are beings by nature so spontaneous and impulsive, with no ill in their souls, that even UNESCO should understand and pardon their daring.

The incident occurred in Mexico, while a family was touring the well-known Chichen Itza pyramid.

They had no idea that their pet would take advantage of a split second of its humans' inattention to ascend the steep stairs to the top of the pyramid in a couple of minutes.

It's worth noting that every Mexican understands that climbing up there is essentially a felony.

But what's more surprising is that its owners saw the proud dog posing magnificently on top.

It was captured in the distance by the camera lens as if it were an ant in the sky. And, therefore, his family could not help but die with laughter.

@mundo ars shared the scenes on TikTok, where a woman, overcome with laughter, is heard saying to the dog:

All of this occurred while a tour guide described the history of the monument and the necessity of its care and preservation to the remaining tourists. What made the tale even funnier.

As predicted, the video quickly became a viral hit, with over 200 thousand views.

The dog, imprisoned by curiosity, decided to walk upstairs and trace the route of his indigenous ancestors, and the entire world was stirred. Not to mention how brave the dog appeared to many when he opted to climb thus high on his own.

See for yourself the video that is causing such a stir on social media:

The reactions of hundreds of Internet users have been swift:

«The puppy: I can, you can't», «The firulais: see where I am», «That's how I wanted to see you, humans», «The puppy: I'm succeeding»

"They say that only the deserving were permitted to go up," one netizen remarked.

Many people quickly responded:

The animals are more worthy than many brothers, as he demonstrated!», «But of course he is worthy, he is a noble soul...», «The only ones worthy of everything are the little animals», «No gentlemen, he did not mock anyone, they are worthy, because there is no evil in them (only instincts), and they are very grateful».

The entire country of Mexico could not keep silent and pardoned the dog for breaching the rules.

And that in the past, footage have been shown of individuals being imprisoned for just visiting Chichen Itza and touching one of the world's marvels. The entire community almost lynched the folks for "abusing the trust of a town that opens its doors to the world."

The title of the film, "It was worth it to the firulais," properly sums up the actions of the amusing dog that disobeyed its owners and the regulations.

The difference is that he did not do it maliciously, and Julián's family will never forget that he was on one of the world's seven wonders. Congratulations to him!

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