After a Woman in Mexico Passed Away, More Than 20 Dogs Came to Bid Her a Touching Farewell

 Margarita Suarez, a Mexican woman, fed stray dogs who congregated in front of her every day when she was still alive. She had a soft spot for stray dogs, and the same dogs came to her every day until she died.

Every day, over 20 stray dogs arrive to Margarita in need of food. This was a huge and uncommon amount for a daily gathering of stray dogs.

Margarita not only feeds the stray dogs in front of her house, but she also feeds them on the street.

Margarita soon succumbed to disease and left this world.

However, many others were surprised to see more than 20 stray dogs arrive to see her off.

But how did the stray dogs she fed discover Margarita's new home? Despite the fact that her new residence was more than ten kilometers away from her old one, the dogs could detect her relocation.

When this kind-hearted woman died, there were more than 20 stray dogs in her wake, and they were all quite quiet and well-behaved. The moment was touching.

Maybe dogs have a hidden manner of communicating with one another that humans don't grasp. Even though they do not communicate in the same way that humans do, they have very acute senses and can tell when a person, especially one they care about, has died. They, like humans, experience sadness, gratitude, and compassion. And they adore humans for the rest of their lives.

Margarita Suarez, may you rest in peace.

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