Couple Flee Hotel Bill And Abandoned Their Skeletal Dog To Rot At The Room

This tale is about Victoria, a sweet Dalmatian dog that was abandoned by her owners because they couldn't afford to rent a place.

Because the family fled the hotel bell, no one realized their dog was left there. Unfortunately, the dog had to eat her own feces to survive. She had been alone for a long time until she was noticed by a neighbor, who notified the authorities.

Victoria was finally transferred to the medical clinic, where they discovered that she was too frail to survive this long, as well as afraid and malnourished. As a result, the personnel started him on medicine and IV fluids.

They also determined that the dog had ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne bacterial ailment. Because her platelets are so low, she is also given antibiotics. Nobody wanted to abandon the sad dog.

Unfortunately, as she is recovering from ehrlichiosis, the workers and veterinarians find that she also has distemper. Victoria has not improved after spending 10 days at the clinic. But no one was willing to give up on her.

Fortunately, the dog's condition begins to normalize after one month, but she is still too weak to stand and stop on her own.

They also begin looking for possible adopters so that she will feel loved and protected at home, since this will make a significant impact. Fortunately, Victoria has been adopted by Marguerite, a lovely woman who feels that plenty of physical therapy, together with love and care, would help Victoria recover quickly.

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