Devastated Blind Dog Surrendered By His Owner At The Dump, Couldn’t Hold His Tear When This Woman Hugged Him

 On Outreach, Sidewalk Specials and Chuckie met at De Doorns. His owner said he wanted to give the dog up since it was getting harder to keep him safe on the dump because he had gone blind. Although he missed his dog, he understood that being safe was preferable.

According to Chuckie's veterinarian, he is totally blind in his left eye and only half seeing in his right eye. As Chuckie's tick bite fever wears down, though, things might get better.

About four years old, Chuckie enjoys going for walks and is quite good at following your shadow or sound. He also likes to go on excursions. He gets along well with other dogs, doesn't mind kids, and doesn't care about cats.

Please fill out an application at if you can provide him with a permanent home or to set up a meet and greet.

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