FedEx Delivery Delivered A Lost Dog Back To His Home

A FedEx delivery person recently went above and above to deliver a rare 27kg cargo to the Menzies family's front door in Castle Pines, Colorado.

While out of town, the Menzies were making repairs to their house. The wind unexpectedly opened the door as soon as his contractor went for his lunch break. The family's 3-year-old Golden Retriever, Catcher, couldn't resist the unique chance to go out and see the world by herself. The dog escaped the home and trembled dangerously close to the main road. Fortunately, a vigilant FedEx deliveryman located Catcher prior to an incident.

 Owner of Catcher Lisa Menzies hypothesizes that the delivery person may have observed the dog wandering around the neighborhood and brought it to the location indicated on its license plate.

Fortunately for us, the heroic act was caught on the family doorbell camera. The driver is shown on the video stepping out of his vehicle with the fluffy item, delivering it to the Menzie residence securely, and then locking the door behind him.

The delivery boy saved the day by picking her up, taking her to our house, and closing the door behind him, and Lisa is appreciative of his bravery. I don't want to consider how it would have ended in another place, he said to Fox News.

Later, Lisa tweeted her appreciation and referred to the deliveryman as the "home hero." Despite her efforts to find him, she has not yet learned who the car's driver is.

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