Fostered Pit Bull Is So Happy To Meet Her New Dad She Can’t Stop Kissing And Hugging Him

 When Demi (now Maggie), a Pit Bull who had been placed in foster care, saw her adoptive father for the first time, it was as if "they had known each other for years." Maggie leapt up upon her new father and embraced and kissed him nonstop. She even knocked his cap off in her ecstasy.

The goal of Pitties From Heaven is to foster Pit bulls so they may find devoted homes. The South Carolina-based rescue uploaded the sweet movie on TikTok with the message, "This is why we foster. This is the point at which a neglected dog joins a family.

Mary and Mark McCraw, a husband and wife team, decided to adopt a new dog after losing Mischka to cancer. They fell in love with Maggie as soon as they learnt about her, and they immediately decided they wanted to adopt her into their family.

Maggie had feelings for more than simply Mark. Maggie also gave Mary a complete embrace, Mary informed the Dodo. She explained that she quickly moved into her lap and into her life when she knelt down to prevent her from feeling frightened. "Meeting her was love at first sight; we connected right away. She seems to have been destined for our family.

Maggie was one of the kindest dogs Andra Mack has ever fostered, according to Andra. Regarding Maggie and the McCraws, Andra claimed to The Dodo that "they were intended to be together." "I think their old dog, Mischka, was gazing down on that reunion and smiling," says the commentator. "The ray of sunshine that is visible in the footage."

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