Golden Spends So Much Time With Baby Goats That They Think She’s Their Mom

 Loryn the Golden Retriever may not have her own puppies, but it doesn't mean she's not a mother. She presently lives on a farm with her human Andrea, which means she is always assisting her in caring for all of the animals.

Loryn has had her fair share of animal companions, from kittens to hedgehogs, but nothing compares to when her mother brought home newborn goats.

Loryn was immediately drawn to the goats and formed an instant relationship with them. She cared for them as if they were her own children, and she made it her mission to keep them safe. Loryn's mother instincts shone through as she groomed, hugged, and followed them around.

They were inseparable, and the goat babies adored Loryn as much as she adored them. Loryn loved them so deeply that the goats grew to believe she was their true mother, and Loryn wouldn't have had it any other way.

Loryn's first goats were called Mia, Delilah, Daisy Mae, and Henry, and she loved them all equally. They four followed Loryn about the property, always wanting to be near her. The goats are no longer youngsters now, but they still reside on the farm and are extremely close to Loryn.

Loryn's maternal instincts have turned to other infant animals that have come on the property now that the goats no longer require continual care. She has also lately gained a new baby sister, Nola, who shares the same parents as Loryn.

Their mother updates their Instagram feed with photos from their farm life. Follow their exploits by clicking here.