Hopeless Stray Puppy Took Refuge In An Old Television To Protect Himself From The cold. Use the hole as a house

  While other pups are more fortunate living at home, this homeless poor one does what he can and takes refuge in an abandoned television.

While most puppies have it easier living at home, this homeless pup does the best he can and seeks safety in an abandoned television station.

The stories of stray animals are usually quite moving, because most of them do not usually end well or are still looking for their happiness, as in the case of this street dog who takes refuge in an old television case, well with no family to care for him, he manages to use that TV case as if it were his home.

This heartbreaking image was made public on social media after a TikTok user, who goes by the handle @ fiorelita2020, published a video in which, tragically, a dog can be seen inside an old television station, which he uses as a dwelling. Don't you find it moving?

Despite the increased awareness of the responsibility of having pets, as well as the thousands of shelters that have been established to support the care and adoption of small animals, the terrible situation that dogs live in the street every day becomes more concerning, and a perfect example of this is the image of this puppy lying inside an abandoned television.

The over 400,000 views, more than 36,000 likes, and thousands of comments showing worry for the puppy's health went viral on TikTok; nevertheless, the user remarked that this small guy did not have dermatological concerns.

@fiorelita2020 #viraltiktok ♬ Si usas este audio tu crush te hablará esta noche - Monchii Rodríguez

"For everyone who is concerned about the puppy's health, the dog is OK, and when I saw him, he had no skin concerns," the TikTok user assured in a pinned remark. Despite this, many people were angered by the video's content, which was accompanied with amusing music.

"It's not a joke, I think you should spread it to help him and not to make fun of him", "You should help him", "There is nothing to laugh about", "It doesn't go with the audio, help him because the puppy is the most beautiful thing of all that you record ", and "WHAT DID YOU DO OTHER THAN RECORDING" were some of the comments.

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  • Anonymous March 7, 2023 at 8:36 AM

    Did the dog get rescued!!!


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