Loyal Dog Runs After The Hears Nenearly 3km To Say The Last Goodbye To His Owner

The scene was very emotional, the first time in my life I saw such a loyal dog

 This dog followed the funeral for 3 kilometers without pausing to rest as the owner was transported to the cemetery for burial.

On June 3, a Malaysian elderly woman died of old age and poor health, and her descendants, relatives, and neighbors escorted her to her final resting place. A dog chased the funeral procession all the way to the cemetery, which was about 3 kilometers long.

Bobby, the old man's dog, has been with him for many years and has been raised by him. Now that the owner has passed away, he is heartbroken but unable to express himself, preferring to rush about during his grandfather's burial. When they took him to his final resting place, Bobby quietly trailed the hearse for nearly 3 kilometers, determined not to stop.

Bobby was spotted remaining close to the car carrying his owner's remains when the convoy halted at the cemetery; his nose was continually lifted to search, and his mouth was open due to tiredness. It raced to lie next to the hole that had been excavated a second later, but even if chased away, it would not leave it half a step. When the coffin was lowered, it laid there solemnly, as though gazing over its master and bidding one last goodbye.

Bobby did not get up and leave to finish his owner's burial until he was reassured and counseled by his offspring. That incident brought everyone to tears, and several people remarked it was the first time they had seen such a faithful dog in their life.

I'm not sure how long it will take Bobby to recover from the loss of his owner, but at least he won't have to live alone for the rest of his days because the old man's grandchildren have agreed to bring him back.

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