“More than a month tied up”: Neighbors ask to release a dog that endures rain without a roof. looks sad

 "That's how they usually keep her; they don't feed her, they give her a bottle of water, but nothing to eat." "She spends her time there in the heat and rain, and they won't let her leave," explained the lady who videotaped the dog in order to report the owners to the authorities.

Social media not only allows us to share our joy, pride, and inspiring moments, but it also allows us to publicize and report on issues that should worry everyone.

This is what a neighbor in the state of Mexico did when she decided to record and post to the internet the awful conditions in which her neighbor's dog was kept: tied up, without food, and in the rain.

Throughout the sequence, the woman described the conditions under which this dog resided in the house's backyard, where she had never left. She is now in the rain, but the individual explains that it also happens when she is heated.

"They keep her there for more than a month, they don't feed her, they give her a bottle of water, but they don't give her anything to eat." "They don't let her leave, they don't feed her, and she spends her days there in the heat and rain," said the lady who recorded the dog to expose her owners.

After the video was uploaded on social media, individuals requested that someone pay attention to this issue since keeping a pet in these conditions was animal cruelty.

Following the controversy produced by netizens, the Environmental Protection Agency of the Government of the State of Mexico (PROPAEM) claimed that the case of this dog had previously been resolved.

The sad dog spends her time there in the heat and rain, without food or even water.

However, they refused to provide any information regarding the canine's predicament, explaining that because there is an administrative procedure, they cannot provide additional information because the associated process may be jeopardized.

Finally, they stated that, for the time being, information about this complaint would be provided exclusively through proper means.

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