Mother Dog Cries, Insists Hold Her Puppy Back when Seeing Owner Going To Sell It

 When the Golden Retriever aunt and uncle noticed that their puppy was about to be taken away, they immediately started acting very aggressively in the hopes that no one would take them away.

The Chinese online community has re-uploaded this story, which was already very well-liked on Daydaynes, with many kind remarks on the pet-loving forum on Sohu.

As a result, the pet market is very well-liked in China, and there we are free to view and select the canines we want. This heartwarming tale is as follows:

I was out for a stroll when I noticed a group of Golden Retriever pups nicely seated next to a man who appeared to be extremely occupied. The mother dog's looks stands out in particular. I went to see since I was quite interested and had intended to purchase one, but what occurred next completely shocked me.

The Golden family experienced severe hardship, according to the dog's owner, but they also welcomed 8 additional offspring. He had to take the pups to the market to sell them since he felt the economy could not support it and he had no idea how to list them online for sale.

The buyer made a cautious selection before deciding on a charming and lovely dog that also looks to be quite calm. The mother dog suddenly lost control and raced towards the visitor, yelling repeatedly and making pleas with her eyes like "Please don't bring my baby" while she did so. The owner was preparing to hand him the dog and wait to get the money when this happened. Go!”.

The neighbors were taken aback by this behavior, but they soon realized that the dog did not want to lose her child. How could any living thing endure that while standing there and seeing your child be taken away in front of them? Despite being inconsolable, the visitor told the owner he would do his best to care for the dog. Because someone else will purchase it if you don't. The visitor will undoubtedly ensure the cat or dog has a wonderful life because he loves animals as well.

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