Once nobody offers him any change. A Dog Comforts A Struggling Street Performer

 The other day, Wara Ricoo was gazing out of his window in Colombia when he noticed something that caused him to pause and reflect.

At a busy intersection, a busker was performing songs at a stoplight in the hopes of getting paid. But sadly, things did not turn out the way he had hoped.

Nobody offered the man any money.

After the light went green, the man made his way back to the side of the road, but he was left empty-handed. Ricoo then realized that despite his struggles, the man genuinely possessed something far more valuable than money.

He was loved like a good dog.

A tiny white dog that was with the man was enough to make her tail wag as he approached. While Ricoo watched from a distance, their beautiful embrace said it all.

It was a moment of love and loyalty for me, Ricoo said to The Dodo. "I walked down to speak with him because I was so affected," she said.

The man's name was Anderson, Ricco learned. He was a driven artist who had run into financial trouble. Whatever the case, he was determined to keep his dog, Mayte, content and nourished.

Later, Ricoo arranged for Anderson to take Mayte and his other dog, Negrita, to the vet because Anderson couldn't afford it.

They're all healthy, thank God, Ricco remarked.

Ricco decided to go much further than that. Social media users shared Anderson's story in the hopes that it will help the deserving dog owner get back on his feet.

He even reserved time for him at a recording studio in the hopes that his music might one day be heard.

An artist who previously struggled to raise a dime on the street has amassed tens of thousands of online admirers thanks to Ricoo's assistance. The future is brighter than ever for Anderson and his animal family.

The help Anderson, Mayte, and Negrita received was a "gift," and it all started with a hug.

Regarding the future of his new friends, Ricoo said, "I have faith that everything will change for the better."

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