Police Officers Rescue Six Runaway Puppies From Parkway After ‘Prison Break’

Normally, it doesn't seem very endearing to hear about cops pursuing escaped runaways. However, the account of a police department's officers having to pick up six pups following a "jail break" is spreading joy online.

Six pups raced to the roadway before their parents discovered they were gone, according to a Facebook post from the Marietta, Georgia Police Department.

Fortunately, police officials quickly arrived at the scene to track down the errant puppies and bring them inside.

The term "PAW Patrol" was cleverly coined by the department to stand for "Puppies Aimlessly Wandering."

Officer Covino, dubbed the "senior puppy whisperer" by the MPD, headed the squad.

Fortunately, all six "escapees" were located secure and were returned with their owners, according to the post.

They wrote, "You can't make this stuff up."

Despite the amusing and endearing nature of the incident, the agency advised dog owners to check that their fences are "escape resistant" and to outfit their animals with collars bearing ID tags in case they went missing.

A lot of people praised the officers' efforts and asked other police agencies to launch their own "PAW Patrol" when the tale went viral online.

One person said on Facebook, "I don't know who's cuter, the paw patrol or the pups!" I appreciate all you do.

We appreciate the cops that rounded up and transported these six pups to safety! Share this adorable tale!

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