Puppy Goes Out To Play, Returns Home With Baby Cow He Befriended Along The Way

 Being outgoing and sociable is in a dog's nature, so you shouldn't be shocked if your puppy makes friends with everyone in the neighborhood. However, once they start bringing their new pals home, things may get a little difficult to manage. Like this puppy in the Netherlands who felt it would be so kind to introduce his mother to his new best buddy. Though she wasn't too impressed, at least she recorded the event on camera!

A cute Labrador was captured on camera by his owner after he had just returned home with a new companion in a brief but utterly amusing video. It turned out that the dog had had a stroll around the family's farm, and when he returned home, he wasn't by himself; he was joined by a young calf.

The two pals were waiting for mum to answer the door as they sat in front of the house. The moment the Lab saw her, he instantly began to wag his tail, attempting to persuade her to let his new companion stay the night. However, as heard in the video, the woman isn't even interested in hearing about it. She exclaims, "No, noo, noo." "We have no visitors. This won't be done today! The newborn cow looks so ashamed as soon as she understands she's not welcome.

The woman's response makes it very clear that this isn't the first time her dog has brought someone home. The brief video doesn't reveal if the Labrador was ultimately successful in persuading his mother to let his friend inside, but one thing is for certain—this dog is among the nicest I've ever seen!