Rescued Baby Cow And Giant African Spurred Turtle Lay Trust In Each Other And Build An Inseparable Bond

 A friendship between animals is widespread. But what if it originates from various types of animals? An interspecies relationship is always admirable.

 These creatures sense one other's affection and care, gradually building confidence in each other, and a lovely bond forms. Consider the baby cow and the enormous turtle in this fable.

When they lived together at the Wildlife Buddies Foundation Thailand, Simon the rescued young cow and Leonardo the huge African spurred turtle made friends (WFFT). Despite their species differences, they formed the most unexpected interspecies friendship, which stunned the whole WFFT crew.

Leonardo was rescued from a Bangkok zoo in 2013, following the institution's shutdown. Simon joined WFFT in January 2016. At the time, he had lost a portion of his hind leg after being entangled in the vines with his mother. Fortunately, his amputated leg was replaced with a prosthesis that allowed him to walk more effortlessly.

WFFT employees placed the wounded newborn cow in a huge open area before transferring him to a pasture where two other rescued cows were kept.

Simon had already met Leonardo. The baby cow and the huge turtle became great friends after meeting numerous times. 

They always stick together, share their meals, and sleep together. Their bond appears to be unbreakable.

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