Sad Dog Buries Her Deceased Puppy, She Tries To Protect Him Even After His Death And Does Not Leave Until She Covers Everything

 Nothing is more terrible for a mother than the death of a child; animal mothers, like human mothers, are overprotective.

Bettie, a dog, had a tragic experience when one of her puppies died, and after hours of trying to revive him, she realized she couldn't do it any longer and let him go. According to her owner, the unlucky dog proceeded to bury the dead puppy's body by herself.

Lenny Rose Ellema, the dog's owner, can be seen digging a trench and burying her dead pet, Bettie, who was four years old at the time the clip was published in 2020.

The newspaper Diario Sevilla claims Rose from the Philippines' Pangasinan province stated that her four-year-old dog had lost her baby puppy, and her instincts led her to want to revive him by showing her maternal instincts, caring for him, and even having gone through the same thing a year before, when one of her previous puppies died while giving birth.

He also stated that she was a remarkable dog since her owners did not train her to do so; rather, it came naturally to her. Bettie was upset, and the dog may be seen with her child, throwing dirt into the grave and guarding him long after he died.

This is both a heartwarming and terrifying gesture, since it appears that he intended to protect him from the outside world and provide him a sacred burial. Some experts believe they do it instinctively to keep predators away from the carcass and so endangering the entire litter.

It's heartbreaking to see this video of a dog burying one of her beloved children, which has received over 14 thousand views. According to another footage shared by the same user, the dog was OK months later.

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  • Anonymous July 8, 2022 at 4:22 PM

    poor wee dog sad hope the rest of the puppies doimg ok


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