She’s Given Birth On The Concrete In Cold,stray Mother Dog With broken legs fighting To Save Her Puppies

 o and ussтs from Karditsa, Greece, are saved, cared for, and adopted by the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team, a small group of volunteers.

They are doing a lot of effort to eradicate stray dogs in Greece, but as the task becomes more challenging, the number of them continues rising. One of the most challenging situations is when little puppies are born alone or with a vulnerable mother, and here is a similar instance.

The community where this female Greek Kokkoni resides provided her with food and water, but sadly none of the inhabitants chose to neuter her, thus the unavoidable occurred.

She gave birth on the concrete floor of a yard, and The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team said that three days after giving birth, she was struck by a car, which makes sense considering the state of her rear limb.

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team had no choice but to take her and her four puppies to the doctor as she is feeding her small brood. Due to the fact that it is Sunday night in Karditsa, veterinarian Rania has provided pain relief. In the morning of the next day, they will perform a comprehensive examination, but for now, she is secure with her young and has been fed, hydrated, and made comfortable. She goes by Souzi.

Souzi and her four pups will be staying in with Rania for a short while after Souzi's leg is thoroughly examined by the vet early the next day to assess the damage. As anticipated, Souzi's leg is badly wounded, having broken in two places and developed damaged skin.

Fortunately, she has little trouble feeding her puppies, and since they are so young, they don't wander far from their mother. She will now be much more at ease, and everything can be made right for her.

Souzi is a really lovely and nice child who deserves to be adopted. For saving these kind individuals, we are grateful to The Diasozo Animal Rescue.