Sitting Next To Her Dying Puppy, She was Crying Not Knowing What To Do And Begging Everyone Was Passing And No One Stopped To Help Them

In a scene breaks the stone heart, and i do not know why no one stopped to help

 In a scenario that crushes the stone heart, and I'm not sure why no one stopped to assist, a mother dog was sitting next to her dying puppy, whimpering and pleading as everyone passed by.

The dog was having a stroke on the street. Her eyes were sorrowful and full of worry as she approached the dog to inspect it out and try to rouse him up.

Nobody knows what happened to them, and no one came to their aid. The mother sat calmly beside the dog, looking around and approaching anybody who could assist.

"Mother's love is very holy," the compassionate woman said.

The woman contacted Animals Aid Unlimited, and after the puppy was removed, the mother dog approached to say her last goodbye to her youngster. 

She was concerned and kept an eye on the automobile until it drove away.

There was an infected big wound on the puppy's body. That is what caused his high temperature and stroke. He appears to have been attacked by larger dogs.

After two weeks of therapy, the puppy has fully recovered and will be reunited to his mother in their new home. It will be a joyous reunion.