Stray Drags Her Skinny Body Around With A Chain Heavy Enough To Tow A Car

 Stray Drags Her Skinny Body Around With A Chain Heavy Enough To Tow A Car

We'll never comprehend how a single person could be terrible to an animal. It gives us the willies! An abandoned and cruelly treated stray was now lost in the streets. With a metal chain strong enough to haul a car, her owner shackled her up! Then, according to ilovemydogsomuch, her owner cut the chain and released her after deciding she wasn't worth his efforts. The dog had spent a considerable amount of time on the streets before she was discovered. She was frail and skinny, yet she was forced to lug the chain around with her in order to get food and drink. It was undoubtedly heartbreaking.

Finally, a rescue organization intervened and saved the dog. The young woman was terrified. She had no notion what they were trying to accomplish. Humans had previously harmed her. The rescuers had to persuade the dog approach them and get her into their car, which required a large amount of goodies.

The chain was eventually taken off at the veterinary hospital. The heavy metal chain weighed a startling 10 pounds when it was placed on a scale. Can you picture wearing something similar around your neck all day long? We both cannot! Particularly considering that the dog, who the rescuers called Marie, barely weighed 30 lbs. She weighed only one-third of that chain!

Marie seemed so happy as the chain was removed. Even her new human buddies said she grinned. They were overjoyed when Marie was able to stand straight. She needed to be fed, washed, and placed in a foster home as the following stages. They have faith that Marie will soon find her permanent home. She is a kind dog that expresses thanks profusely. Marie is now off the streets and surrounded by love, and we are very glad for that! I adore my puppy so