The Tearful Story of A Mother Dog Who Gave Birth 6 Crippled Puppies Thrown on The Street

 This is truly the saddest story we have ever witnessed in our lives

This is the most heartbreaking story we have ever heard. The cruel owners abandoned this mother and six handicapped puppies.

They abandoned them when mother gave birth to handicapped children. All six of the little puppies are impaired. They lack two front legs. Many people expect that the mother dog will be neglected when pregnant.

Who has the compassion to abandon such adorable pups on the street?

A sad moment occurs when a mother breastfeeds her handicapped pups.

The sad mother is in pain in front of her puppies.

Finally, the crippled pups' grandma has a kind heart.

The mother's relief after knowing she is in good care

A lifeguard entertained the handicapped puppies while assuring their and the mother's safety.

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