This Dog Was Abandoned In A Grocery Store Parking Lot, And Has Now Become A Proud K9 Officer

 Pit Bulls are notorious for being ferocious and difficult to teach. However, one fearsome Pit Bull has defied all of those clichés. The first Pit Bull officer was assigned to a K9 training program in New York. Kiah was the first Pit Bull to be certified as a K9 officer in the state of New York. She is currently a member of a street patrol unit. Kiah had drugs detecting training.

Kiah's tale is made even more intriguing and motivating by the fact that she was formerly a stray puppy. She was discovered in a parking lot and saved. She trained and graduated alongside Officer Justin Bruzgul, and they're now a team that helps keep Poughkeepsie's streets safe.

Look at Kiah, standing tall and demonstrating to everyone that Pit Bulls can be amazing K9 police as well; you'd never guess she was a stray in the past.

Kiah had been abandoned in a grocery store parking lot, and after being rescued, she trained as a K9 cop with Officer Justin Bruzgul in Texas.

Kiah appears friendly and charming, yet confident enough to be a K9 cop.

She is an excellent addition to the team.

K9 cops must go through extensive training.

Kiah appears solemn and proud in his K9 suit.