Trooper saves dog on the side of highway from scorching heat, then gives her a home

The dog was suffering in the scorching heat, until a trooper came along and gave her food, water and much-needed shelter.

And then, he went even further by giving the dog a home.

 It's always nice to watch individuals go out of their way to help animals in need, but some people genuinely go above and beyond to make a difference in the life of an animal.

That was the case recently when a trooper stopped to aid a stray dog that was suffering in the hot heat — and eventually adopted the animal.

Kaye Fiorello was traveling along I-75 near Cleveland, Tennessee, earlier this month when she noticed a puppy sitting alone in a ditch on the side of the road. She recognized the dog needed rescue after she saw him laying in the blazing sun with no food or drink.

Kaye said on Facebook, "She looked horrible."

Kaye decided to turn around and seek aid for the dog, even if it meant risking a penalty and being late for an appointment. She approached a state policeman on the highway and described the issue.Fortunately, the soldier, Tudors, had a kind heart and agreed to assist. Kaye said that they returned to the dog, who was "still there, panting like she was about to die."

Trooper Tudors, fortunately, was prepared: he made a water bottle for the dog out of a Kool-Aid jar and gave the dog his Little Debbie biscuits.

On top of that, he held out an umbrella to provide the dog some much-needed cover from the hot heat.

The trooper was patient, telling Kaye that he would stay with the dog until she trusted him, then transport her to a shelter.

"I feel his presence at the appropriate time was one of those small signals reminding us of the good in our world," Kaye wrote.

Tennessee Highway Patrol then reposted the news, reporting that the dog was in the hands of Cleveland TN Animal Control.

The story quickly went viral, with hundreds of people applauding Trooper Tudors for his generosity – but that was only the beginning.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol tweeted an encouraging news on Friday: the puppy has been adopted - by Trooper Tudors!

Princess, the dog, is still having treatments until she can go home, but when she is, she will begin a wonderful new life with the nice guy who saved her.

Thank you to Trooper Tudors for saving and adopting Princess on that blistering hot day! We can't think of a finer home for this puppy – it was meant to be.

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