injured Puppy Used All His Energy To Drag Himself To Safety

 Poor  dog found on the side of the road,he was in urgent need of medical care.

The small dog had a   wound on his back, and as a result , he was unable to walk. 

He could only drag himself out of the road and to safety with the last of his strength. That probably would have been the end of his tale, but assistance showed up.

Although it was unclear how well the dog, Twinkle, would heal from his wounds, they offered him the greatest chance possible of ever walking again.

At first, Twinkle was really reserved and didn't really trust humans or other dogs. But because of all the love and care he received from the Animal Aid Unlimited staff, he gradually began to come out of his shell.

He became friendly and more lively as his condition improved and he started to recuperate. He wasn't playing with other dogs for long time before he was sprinting!

He looks like a completely different dog now. He is kind and lively, and he can run and stroll like other dogs. I hope he finds his ideal permanent home.

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