90-Year-Old Neighbor Comes To Say His Goodbye To Dying Dog

 You've lost a lot by the time you're 90 years old. Not one of these options is simple. It is a blessing to be able to say goodbye, even in the most heartbreaking circumstances.

In this video, a 90-year-old man sadly bids farewell to his neighbor's dog, a chocolate lab that has turned a sugary white from old age.

The dog and he are fast pals. And the dog absolutely adored him. She surely looked forward to his daily visits, during which he brought her biscuits. He will definitely miss her.

Even though it broke his heart to do so, her owner let him accompany her to the bridge to say goodbye. She still gets excited to see the man, even after all these years, as evidenced by the fact that she welcomes him with a wagging tail.

When he finally gets to her, she is lying on the grass in her backyard with her loved ones close by. It doesn't matter that he's an old man; he still gets down on his knees to touch her soft belly.

She can no longer frantically seek him out. She seems to be unable to support her own weight at this point. Even yet, she keeps her chin up and exudes joy upon his arrival. She seemed to appreciate his presence and expresses it openly.

He tries to coax her to take a sip of water by offering her his hand. As her owner gently strokes her, she comforts herself by licking the water from his palm.

The warmth of the moment is matched by the pain it causes. Saying farewell to a faithful dog is one of the most hardest things in the world. One of the greatest blessings in life is the ability to be there for someone and shower them with love and solace.

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