A man constructs a ramp to assist his elderly dog in getting into his car.

 In recent weeks, a touching video of a man and his elderly dog showcasing their beautiful bond has gone viral online. The elderly man can be seen carefully loading his pet into the car. 

The guy and his dog have received thousands of compliments for their strong relationship, which has encouraged them to care for one another as they age and set a positive example for others. 

You two have a beautiful friendship. 

A bystander who happened to be parked across the street at the time of the touching scene recorded it on film and broadcast it to the globe. This stunning photo was really taken around a year ago. 

This movie provides proof of the everlasting love shared by this couple. The elderly man constructed a ramp so the animal could more easily enter the trunk of the car. 

Watch the video of the touching moment: 

In the viral video that has garnered over 896,242 views, an elderly man is seen using a sheet to help his dog up the ramp into the truck. 

A variety of sentiments and charming words have been coined in response to the plight of these lovely companions. 

One comment left by a viewer of the video reads: 

As the old adage goes, "a man's best friend is there for him through thick and thin."

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