Although he does not stop smiling at those who visit the shelter they have rejected him for 9 years

Everyone has an inherent need to be loved, and animals are no exception. Sadly, some people fail to see this need and abandon their pets, and even worse, some people mistreat them. 

As the story goes, Max, a cute furry companion, was rescued in Georgia when he was around a year old and relocated to a shelter in New Jersey. 

As soon as she walked through the doors of the shelter, the workers knew that her early years had not been easy. It was obvious that Max had been mistreated because pellets were found imbedded in his hind legs. 

The entire team was rooting for Max to be adopted as soon as possible by a family that would shower him with unconditional affection. 

However, that didn't happen, and the dog is still waiting for a home after nine years at the shelter. Staff at the rescue believe Max's massive frame has discouraged families from adopting a cat from the shelter. 

Eleventh Hour Rescue volunteer Paul Barish exclaimed, "Max is a cheerful boy who is smiling from ear to ear." 

Max has always been a big dog, and his breed is sometimes misunderstood as being cold and uncaring, but don't let his size fool you; he's actually rather mellow and compassionate despite first impressions to the contrary. Max the Mush is what he's known as around the shelter. 

Although Max is 90 pounds, he often acts like a puppy who is eager to please and play. 

The employees at the shelter had high hopes that his charisma would help him find a forever home, but he was consistently overlooked. 

Max has spent the vast majority of his life in the shelter, and it is starting to have a bad impact on him. He just wants to be loved and have a permanent place to call home. 

"Max has dealt with life in the shelter extremely well, but living in the center for so many years has taken its toll on him and is incredibly stressful for him," Paul added. 

Max is a great dog who understands the meaning of devotion and would be an asset to any household. As a group, the workers have decided that Max would be better off living somewhere else than the shelter. 

Paul opined, "Max would do best in a peaceful, child-free environment with an experienced owner who can help him overcome the traumatic experiences he had at the shelter." 

Max is best as an alone animal in the house. Max likes to drive, run, play and take a good nap, his delight in life is spectacular, and he just wants to be able to share that with a loving family. 

We share the shelter's optimism that Max can find his forever home with the right people. She tells him her backstory in the hopes that he will soon discover her.

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