Dog that survived triple murder in his home and crawled out window onto roof set to be euthanized at shelter

 The Chicago Animal Care and Control is scheduled to euthanize an elderly dog that has defied nearly all odds by making it to age eight. After a very unfortunate series of events, Topper was found as a stray on the roof of a building and brought to the shelter. Three members of Topper's family were killed, while a fourth committed suicide. 

In order to save Topper, a once-loyal dog traumatized by the brutal deaths of the only humans he ever known, a crane had to lift him off the roof of a rundown house. Topper was the lone survivor, and he was found sitting on the disintegrating roof of the home, watching over the tortured spirits who still haunted it. 

In an instant, he had lost everything. He has a soft and sweet nature. More adopters and foster parents are needed so that more lives can be saved at CACC. 

Six months after arriving at the shelter, TOPPER has finally experienced love thanks to the dedicated staff. He used to be a cuddler, but now he won't let anyone near his house. Because of his long stay at the shelter and his attachment to his caretaker, a volunteer, he must be the only dog in the household, say shelter workers. 

TOPPER enjoys the challenges of agility competitions and figuring out new ways to eat. His gait is full of hops, skips, and a general air of eagerness. On the other hand, this wonderful reality he calls love has bloated his heart, and now all he needs is a place to call HOME. 

Help us get the word out by sharing this dog's situation with reputable rescue groups, close friends and family, and followers on social media. One's willingness to share may just save someone's life.

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