Dog With Neck Wound Lays Down To Die But Help Is On Its Way

 Stray dogs face numerous difficulties in their attempt to survive on the streets. To begin with, as xaga points out, they have no idea where their next meal is coming from, so they must constantly be on the lookout for it.

They frequently have to rely on makeshift methods to ensure their safety during the night. And they're completely at the mercy of any sudden medical issues that crop up.

Lacking access to healthcare, even a minor injury could lead to unnecessary suffering or death.

One stray dog was on the brink of death after suffering a huge neck wound when help finally came. When rescuers located the unfortunate individual, he was found collapsed on the sidewalk, a victim of exhaustion and medical trauma.

The kind people at Animal Aid Unlimited were on the case, determined to bring him back from the border of death. The rescue team worked quickly but carefully to make him comfortable before lifting him and carrying him to a waiting vehicle.

In the beginning, he was so frail that he had to be fed through a syringe. But then by the next day, he was able to feed himself! And by the ninth day, the wound was looking so much better!

Below is a video of the rescue operation.

Some people may find the following video disturbing due to its graphic content.

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