Dog’s Best Friend Gets Hit By A Car, Dog Sits Guard Next To Her Body For Hours

The dog had dragged his dead friend's body off the street and placed it on the grass to "keep her safe". He kept whining at his buddy's lifeless body for hours.

 As he drove past the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, Samuel Flores spotted a Great Pyrenees sitting by itself, looking sad. 

He felt compelled to see how the dog was doing and checked on him, only to be appalled by what he saw. The sad animal was really guarding the body of another dog that had been killed when a car drove over him. 

Dog wouldn't budge from dead friend's side when animal rescuers Jessy and Julie Fennell came. He instead pleaded with the rescuers to bring his friend back to life. 

A stress drooler, he would moan and lick the wounds on the dead body. To "keep her safe," the dog had obviously pulled his dead friend's body off the street and onto the grass. 

The rescuers were successful in convincing the dog to join them, and they disposed of the animal's body with dignity. 

Three-year-old Brian was identified as the lone survivor, but his lifetime best buddy and bonded companion Marley was found dead. 

Marley, who was only a year old, died after his two dogs escaped the house via an open garage door, according to their owner. 

Brian's unwavering commitment to Marley has stunned the entire neighborhood. It's a powerful reminder of the unconditional love and service that dogs are capable of providing. 

Brian is struggling to accept his loss at the moment, but his loved ones are doing what they can to comfort him. It is our hope that this young man will be able to regain his strength soon. 

To see how Brian steadfastly defended his friend's body for hours, please click the video below. 

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