Fall In Love With Too Adorable Little Red Riding Hood And Her Big Bad Wolf Husky!

 They're both adorable, and it shows.

Everyone has read Little Red Riding Hood at some point, and most people have donned a red scarf and pretended to be the character at least once. 

Agata, a little Italian girl, recently stunned onlookers at a Carnival in Cortina d'Ampezzo with her portrayal of a faun at the event. 

Little Red Riding Hood's Agata, decked out in her finery, and her silly Husky, in full Big Bad Wolf regalia! 

The Husky Yanuk is wearing a purple shawl and reading glasses, while the small girl is decked up in a red dress, red scarf, and a miniature cake basket. They look like they stepped right out of a book! 

The adorable outfits worn by this young girl and her husky have made them viral superstars. Just as cute as they say they are! 

As cute as Agata's clothing is, the Big Bad Wolf costume worn by Yanuk steals the show. Yanuk tried to act intimidating, but it had no effect. 

They are the most adorable Little Red Riding Hood and Werewolf you'll ever meet, so it's great that Agata has a friend. It's little wonder that the public is so taken with them. I'm so happy that Agata has found such a fantastic buddy to share her childhood with! 

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