German Shepherd has emotional reunion with owner she kept alive during stroke

When Brian fell over one evening, clever Sadie knew just what to do to save his life

 The puppy that Brian Myers had saved a few months earlier ended up saving his life. Even more so than their first meeting, their second encounter after Myers's release from the hospital was a deeply moving experience for both of them. 

Sadie, a German shepherd named by Myers, is 6 years old, and she was abandoned at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey. Sadie's timidity and defensiveness with men made it difficult for the shelter personnel to find her a permanent home. 

Heather Centrella, the refuge's front desk manager, told The Dodo, "[She was] a little standoffish when she first came and she wasn't sure what was going on." She grew somewhat reclusive at the shelter, so we felt she would benefit from an experienced, patient adoptive family. 

Myers decided after 30 minutes of meeting Sadie that he wanted to adopt her. 

As if by magic, all of her alleged difficulties with men vanished. 

We hit it off instantly as she hopped in my car. "I was able to work through the challenges she had, and I committed to give her the home and love she needed," Myers wrote on Facebook. 

Myers explained to The Washington Post that the dog had been whimpering and licking him repeatedly before he went up with his right hand to pet the dog and ended up grabbing the dog by the collar. 

Few months later, Myers had no idea that Sadie would be the one to come to his rescue. 

They were having an ordinary night in when Myers suffered a stroke. No longer could he sense the space between his bed and the wall to his left. 

Myers stated, "It was incredibly frightening; I couldn't stand up, and I didn't recognize at that point that I'd had a stroke." My phone was on the dresser 15 feet away, but I couldn't reach it. 

Sadie acted swiftly, licking her father's face to try to resuscitate him. 

The pet dog would not leave his side. 

In the hopes that her neighbors might hear her, she continued to bark for assistance. What happened when Myers grabbed her by the collar took him by surprise. 

To get her dad closer to his phone, Sadie used all her strength and dragged him across the room. 

He explained that the dog was not a service animal and was distressed because of the situation and because she sensed danger for him. For reasons I cannot fathom, she was aware. 

Myers managed to get to his phone and put in an assistance call. The hospital staff assured Myers that Sadie was the main reason he was still alive. 

While Myer's father was in the hospital and afterwards rehabilitation, Sadie stayed with Myer's family. 

Centrella explained, "They do FaceTime, which he said she's a little perplexed about because she wants to get at her dad and she cries. She is worried about him, but he promises her that he is making every effort to return home to her as soon as possible. 

That day, when it came, was a day of great joy. 

Myers sobbed as Sadie jumped into his arms and smothered his face in kisses. 

Myers remarked, "Adopting her was the best choice I've ever made." I think this was meant to be." 

See Sadie and her dad embrace again in the touching video down below! 

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