Heartbreaking, Helpless Puppy Won't Leave His dying Mother


A homeless puppy and his dying mother were discovered in a Thai market in the Noi area. They have no intention of ever being apart from one another. His mom was so sick that she could barely move, let alone eat or drink. 

PoorpetRescuse's rescue team stepped in, and the animals were swiftly transported to the facility. 

The doctor claimed there was a slight deficiency in red blood cells, blood platelets, and blood cell pathology when he examined you out. The veterinarians were trying hard to save the dog, but they were losing blood. 

Within a week of first experiencing symptoms and beginning medication, they had begun to feel somewhat better. Although the puppy is making progress, it is still having trouble walking due to muscle spasms, weariness, and fever. Swollen, red, inflamed, and hurting in the penis. 

After 20 days, both the mother dog and her puppies were progressively improving, eating well, and appearing healthier. 

The puppy's eyes are a sign of his renewed health and vitality. 

What you'll notice here is how they're becoming better.

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  • Anonymous September 7, 2022 at 6:44 AM

    where are the dogs blankets they must be so uncomfortable on them rails


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