His Only Refuge Was A Rock In The Middle Of The Sea Away From His Family Whom He Saw No More

 Our hearts shatter into a thousand pieces when we watch abandoned puppies desperately clutching to the only protection they've found. However, things aren't always as they seem, and many of them end up in ruins for no fault of their own. 

Realities are experienced by every country, and the impact of those realities is stored in the minds and emotions of its residents as a bitter memory that they overcome. 

Even though this event happened three years ago, its significance remains timeless. 

In July of 2018, a forest fire swept through the Greek town of Mati, killing 87 people and injuring 170 others in addition to the devastating property damage. 

Damage to the coastal town was so severe that its residents were in agony for quite some time. 

Since then, numerous accounts have surfaced, some of which are stranger than fiction while others are so grounded in reality that they force us to confront the unspeakable horrors locals and wildlife faced. 

Lua, a small, adorable dog, has won the hearts of many by overcoming his terror of fire and taking sanctuary in an unlikely spot. 

In the end, the dog's family boarded a boat and fled the area, but not before using every possible means of tracking her down. 

They made extensive efforts to locate her before finally giving up hope. 

The dog was eventually located after days of seeking; it had made its way offshore and was clinging to a rock that offered it the best protection from the elements. 

She was spotted by a rescue team on the coast, who didn't think twice before coming to save her. She was found wandering the streets, dirty and terrified, and taken to the vet. 

Mati, the popular vacation spot for the summer, was destroyed in a fire. 

It is presumed that the dog made a hasty escape to the water, where she swam as far as her power would allow to reach the safety of the rock. A local photographer managed to catch the moving scene, which subsequently went viral. 

She sought refuge and solace in a rock, where she huddled together, shaking with fright. The family looked everywhere for the dog, but to no avail. 

After environmentalists and animal lovers uploaded the photos to social media, the people who had thought they'd lost her forever were able to find her again. 

Many people criticized the family for departing without Lua, therefore the group responsible for reconnecting her with her owners, StreetDogs in Volos-Greece, decided to set the record straight. Furthermore, they emphasized: 

That's when her people located her. Lua is her name. Her loved ones made sure she didn't perish. There was total confusion, and nobody knew what to do. 

Lua's hope that she will one day be reunited with her loved ones remained steadfast in her heart. 

In those dark days, Lua's narrative provided a beacon of light. Today is a timely reminder that even when we feel hopeless and alone, someone will appear to be a beacon of hope and a harbinger of fresh possibilities. 

We're all happy for Lua that things worked out the way they did. Despite everything she had been through as a homeless person, she deserved to return to her own couch.